Job guidance for Fresh Civil Engineers!

I am a Civil Engineer but I am unable to get proper Job.
In case of Private Jobs First there is very Low chance that they will call you for interview ( I have 3.15 CGPA/4) . If Someoe calls me then mostly scam Calls ( for example Fragrance Land, or some Call centers etc ) where I never called them for Job application. There is only one Call I get which is totally genuine(From dastagheer group) where they ask me that how much you take and I responded as I applied on another appication that is 35k but at same time the interview officer ask an drafter ( AutoCAD) and he tests him and hire him in 15k and tell his colleages that he will do the analysis and other work etc. On the other hand some hospitals offering receptionists 25k at that time but they refused to hire me because they told me that I am very over qualified for this post and there will be a point where I will leave their position.
In case of Governament jobs, there is another world syllabus which you cannot understand. For example I am going to give test for the post for civil engineer but the test asks me about coding of java, pythone and about different countries stones architectures etc. But on the other hand it is clearly mentioned that 20% English , General knowledge etc and 80% Civil Engineering Course then why are they adding this type of irrelevant questions.

So, please can you guide me what type of book or academy or something else need to do for getting job in Private sectors and Governament as well.